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Please Donate to Tom’s Campaign

I’m asking folk in Shetland to vote for me as their Member of the Scottish Parliament because I want to help our islands reach their full potential, to ensure everyone here can thrive and that we protect our environment.

Mounting an election campaign can be expensive. Whilst the many activists working on Tom’s campaign are volunteers, there are still costs involved.

This campaign will be very different from the 2019 by-election, because of COVID and because this time, Shetland won’t be the only constituency in the whole country with a campaign on! Producing good online content, taking out adverts in the local papers and printing leaflets all cost money, Crowdfunder will go towards those costs.

You can help by donating to Tom’s campaign Crowdfunder. Any donations would be gratefully received.


Please be aware that anyone donating over £50 is deemed to have made a regulated donation and will be subject to permissibility checks. All such regulated donations will have to be reported to the Electoral Commission in Tom’s election return.

Any donations made to Tom’s Crowdfunder of over £500 can only be accepted from permissible donors as all donations to a political party in the UK are regulated by the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

Permissible donors are individuals on a UK electoral register, UK Trade Unions, companies incorporated within the EU and registered and trading in the UK, Limited Liability Partnerships, UK unincorporated associations and UK building or friendly societies.

The SNP has to make public, on the Electoral Commission website, the names and addresses of donors who make donations to local parties that exceed £1500. However, addresses of individuals are not published.

All donations to any UK political party from the same donor, that accumulate to more than £7500 in a single year, must be reported to the Electoral Commission.