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I’m Seeking Your Views 

The campaign for this election will be very different from the 2019 by-election: I’m unlikely to be able to knock on many doors, so I’d be grateful if you could let me know your views and whether you’d be happy for me to contact you by phone or email.

The questionnaire/survey below is part of our democratic engagement with the local electorate. Any information that you do provide will not be shared with any third parties and you can ask me to delete it at any time. If you’d prefer to reply anonymously, that’s fine.

I would really appreciate your views that will take just a few moments to answer:

Dear Shetland Resident,

On Thursday the 6th of May I’ll be asking Shetland voters to put their trust in me as Shetland’s representative in the Scottish Parliament.  Whatever your politics, I would always listen to and represent everyone on these islands.  I am in this for all of us.

Most of us here in Shetland want similar things: a flourishing local economy, a fairer society and strong action to protect our environment.  I sincerely believe that if Scotland does vote for independence in a future referendum, that would benefit Shetland and enable us to improve local government and build a society that shares wealth more equally.  However, I understand that others feel differently and as your MSP, my first job would be to listen and work hard with everyone in these islands, to achieve our common goals.

We’re very lucky to live here, but the last year has been tough. Lives have been lost, families and friends kept apart, while workers and local businesses are struggling.  Many of us have had low moments, but as a community we’ve pulled together and with the vaccination programme now ramping up, we can hope for a better year ahead.

This election will be one of the most important in Scotland’s history.  As we rebuild from the pandemic, I’m asking local folk to consider who they want in charge of that recovery and who would be most effective at representing Shetland in Holyrood.   You can trust me to speak my mind and put our community first.

Yours for Shetland,